Wandering on the sands of time,

I hear the ocean’s crash and roar,

And then the stunning waves break over my feet,

And I wonder how beauty and danger

Can be so mysteriously intertwined.

I see the splendor of a sunset or a lofty mountain scene,

And I marvel that such beauty can exist

In this fallen world of ours;

And then I see the wretchedness

Of human poverty

And I marvel that humanity,

The crowning glory of creation,

Can sink to such disgrace.

And so I wrestle on,

Learning how
To love imperfect people more perfectly,

To be passionate, yet disciplined;

Vulnerable, but invincible;

Free, yet secure.

Almighty Father, teach me how

To live recklessly, yet carefully,

To live joyfully without ignoring the plethora of human misery

In this old world;

To enjoy beauty without ignoring ugliness;

To be quick to see the good in other people

Without condoning or excusing sin;

To keep my eyes fixed firmly on my heavenly home,

While living in the world as it is;

To be a stranger and pilgrim without becoming a useless wanderer;

Lord, help me to be virtuous without being high-minded;

To give generously while still being humble enough to receive;

To be able to mourn without wallowing in a pool of self-pity;

To have a soft heart, but faith as firm as a rock;

To rest assured in my beliefs without becoming dogmatic;

To enjoy the world You have created while longing for a far better one;

For I know the tide is coming in

And that before long, these sands will be

Swallowed by the waves;

And then this mortal will put on