Last Days

We are living in the last days, and I’m not talking about eschatology. The school year is coming to a swift end. Here at Faith Builders, my classmates and I are caught in the tension of needing to study hard when we just want to sit back and enjoy these last days. Homework deadlines and final exams loom near. Some of us are trying to live in denial (but it’s not working). How do you live and love well in the present while knowing that the people who have played a significant role in your life for the last two years will practically walk out of your life in a few weeks? How do you keep the shadow of impending goodbyes and grief from stealing the joy of today?

It’s sad how seldom we human beings fully appreciate what we have until we see that it will soon change. Maybe that’s why God often brings changes into our lives—so that we can see the beauty of life as it was meant to be lived, rather than being distracted by all the small annoyances. Because small annoyances become very trivial when you realize that everything about a situation or experience—the good and the bad—will soon be gone. Suddenly everything becomes indescribably precious, and you notice a hundred beautiful things that you never noticed before.

I wish I could live the rest of my life the way I am living these last days at FB. I wish I could always live with all my senses so wide awake, so eager to drink every drop of a day’s sweetness. I wish I could always see this much good in all the people around me without being critical of their weaknesses. Maybe I am beginning to understand more of what Moses meant when he said, “So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom” (Psalm 90:12).