The Elephant in My Suitcase

My last assignment at Faith Builders was to write reflections and a summary of the two years I spent studying there. I wrote, “My heart swells with deep, overwhelming gratefulness when I think of these two years here at FB and try to process the enormity of this gift—a gift so immense that I don’t know how to receive it. I feel frustration because I’m supposed to summarize my FB experience, and there’s no way to do it adequately. It’s like trying to stuff an elephant into a suitcase or like trying to put Niagara Falls into a pitcher.”

And of course I wrote much more than that, but it was meant for my mentoring group to hear, not for the whole world to read :). It has been more than a month since my classmates and I said our goodbyes and left our dear old alma mater. Can it be true that we are now graduates? Mostly I am still left wordless, awed by the wonder of the Faith Builders dream-come-true. So the sadness of endings and farewells has been mixed with an incredulous joy and thankfulness that these two years happened. I will spend the rest of my life unpacking the treasures.