Wild Tribe

It happens every year. Autumn races by and is gone before I am ready. This is the most fun time of the year to teach school, after the heat of September and before the winter doldrums. Spring is great too, but by then it’s almost the end of the school year, and everything shouts, “Hurry, hurry, hurry! Your time is almost gone!”

It’s been a delightful fall. I’ve been busy playing fish tag. . .


. . .doing messy art projects. . .


. . .playing in the leaves. . .


. . .reading and responding to journal entries (and laughing and sighing as I try to teach these kids to spell). . .


. . .and in general trying to keep my wild tribe at least semi-civilized.


It’s a decades-old tradition at our school to dress up like Indians and Pilgrims on the day before Thanksgiving. This year most of my students dressed as Indians, which seemed rather fitting. It felt like too much work to try to get everyone set up on one picture, and I thought it might be easier to do the girls on one picture and the boys on another.

This is what happens when you tell seven girls to pose for a picture: they line up nicely and smile sweetly, and you are finished in thirty seconds.IMG_1112

This is what happens when you tell thirteen boys to pose for a picture (plus you have Little Brother wandering into the foreground, since his mom was there helping with the Thanksgiving lunch):


They said, “Now let’s do a crazy one!” I thought but did not say, I think the other one was crazy enough. Instead I said, “Ok! Everybody be crazy!”


I love my crazy wild tribe :).

What’s not to love about teaching school? I get paid to read stories, play in the leaves, and go to costume parties.