A Crocus and a Snow Bunny

Two of my girls came in all rosy-cheeked from running outside at lunchtime on Friday and triumphantly deposited this gem on my desk. “It’s spring!” they announced.


It was ironic that they discovered the crocuses on that day. I had noticed the flowers already on Monday, after the warmth of the weekend lured them out of hiding. But on Friday winter was back with a vengeance. We tried playing outside at recess, but we lasted only about ten minutes before the freezing gale drove us inside.

But spring is coming. And, my friends, it is so very much like the already-but-not-yet nature of the Kingdom of God.

It is time for spring to come and drive the sickness away. These past few weeks it has been a rare occurrence for all my students to be at school on the same day. Having multiple students absent multiple days can bring all kinds of complications. But sometimes it can be a blessing in disguise too. No, I am never glad when a student is sick. There are times, however, when I say to myself, Well, I suppose the Lord knew that I needed a break from that particular student for the day :).

Meanwhile, winter has been fun too. What can be more fun than school kids and piles of snow?

One day at recess the girls built a snowman while the boys spent the time hurling snowballs at each other. The next day when we went out for recess, the boys said, “We’re going to knock your snowman over!” Instead of protesting, the girls said, “Go ahead and try!”


They tried alright, but in the end they had to admit defeat. They went off to work on a snow fort.

“Hey, let’s turn him into a snow bunny!” Sorry if you missed him, folks, but the Easter Bunny came early this year :).


About the time this picture was taken, a volley of snowballs came flying over from the snow fort. You can imagine the squeals and protests, I’m sure.

“I said, “GUYS. How about if you throw the snowballs at EACH OTHER instead of at the girls.” They did, halfheartedly. Because of course throwing snowballs at each other isn’t half as much fun as throwing them at the girls.

Some of the first grade girls came to join the snow bunny party. As you can tell, the snow-reflected light made it hard to pose for a picture. Oh, but that deep blue winter sky. . .


Things have stayed pretty interesting indoors as well, with February Fun days, and all. There was the day the animals came to school.


Typically stuffed animal day is a very benign sort of thing. But this year? These kids go to town with anything we do. I felt pretty much like a zoo keeper all day long.


Then there was dress-up day too. . .


. . . and hat day.


The teachers will tell you though, that it’s high time for February Fun to be over.

And here’s just one more picture. This week while grading spelling tests I found this:


Indeed, I am the queen. Everyone must do as I say or face the consequences. I am also the servant. I clean up after twenty people.

I can think of many words to describe my job, but boring is never one of them.